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What is SpaceX : $33.3 billion space travel agency has 97.6 % mission success

Human created  technology  to make their life easy and comfortable. They have worked on every aspect of technology to find every possible solution to problems that they often faced. Technology got better day after day. The result of scientist creativity can be seen in any field, for example; study, machinery, electronics and technology as well. Image Source : NASA  What is SpaceX SpaceX is a personal  space flight company  that is responsible for putting the satellite into Orbit and is also the international system responsible for the delivery of cargo to the International Space Station.  The SpaceX  is created on May 6, 2002 with purpose to decrease the cost of transportation. 60 Starlink satellite has been launched into the Orbit successfully by this space station. It has  managed to raise $1 billion in funding from Fidelity and Google.  According to the CNBC report, SpaceX now valued at $33.3 billion,  What is  International Space Station ? International spa
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What is Bioplastic —are they really better for the environment?

It is a bitter truth that plastic has become part of our lives. It is used in our daily consumables things so deliberately that we cannot avoid it. By 2014  stats, it was calculated that the plastic industry produced 311 million metric tons, and according to the World Economic Forum , it will be tripled in 2050 . Only 15% of this plastic gets through the recycling process, and rest is burned, sits in landfills, or is surrendered in nature. As being impervious to microbial processing, it can endure for centuries. Plastic flotsam and jetsam aggregating in the sea causes a wide range of issues, from executing untamed life when erroneously ingested to discharging poisonous mixes. It can even enter our bodies by consuming seafood. Bioplastic  can resolve these issues, adding to the objective of a circular plastic economy in which plastics get from, used, and recycled to biomass again. What is Bioplastic ? Plastic materials  constructed by reusable biomass sources such as plant wast

6 Upcoming Eclipse in 2020 : Greatest Solar Eclipse in India

Sun  and M oon , what a beautiful and resourceful entities. Even before human creation, they are hanging up there in the sky. Both Sun  and M oon  remained parts of different cultures and also been worshipped by ancient races. Image of Blood Moon Eclipse [ Source  Jean van der Meulen  from  Pixabay   ] What is eclipse? What is Solar and Lunar eclipse? 6 Upcoming eclipse of 2020 What is an  eclipse  ? We often notice the disappearance of both  Sun  and  moon , for a short period in a year. Scientifically this is called  eclipse .  The definition of an eclipse  is an astronomical object move in front of another one. We usually encounter two types of eclipses, Solar  and Lunar  eclipses. Solar Eclipse   When the moon  travels between the Sun and the Earth , a solar   eclipse occurs. During solar eclipse  the Sun  vanishes totally or partially for a period of time. Geometry of Solar Eclipse    ( Source : Internet ) Solar eclipse  can’t be

COVID-19 Situation Report Released by WHO. Know Symptoms and Preventions

According to recent report published on March 13 by WHO, five new areas have reported the cases of COVID-19. Till now 132,758 positive cases and 4955 deaths are confirmed globally . Also very high risk of disease outbreak on global and regional level including China. After getting increasing results of positive cases it is been  decided to take a quick precautionary measures to prevent the disease.   Symptoms and Preventions of  Coronaviruses   Symptoms The common indications of  Coronaviruses are similar to other upper respiratory contamination, including the wet nose, hacking, sore throat, and occasionally a fever. Sometimes it is hard to differentiate whether you have a Coronavirus or an alternate cold-causing infection, for example, Rhinovirus. It’s not essential, but you can have lab tests, including nose and throat cultures and blood work, to see what kind of virus you got into your body. However, these tests wouldn't change any of Coronavirus’s  sympto