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Destructive Australian Bush Fire : All You Need To Know About

Australia has always been in a bushfire, but this time it's devastating and invigorating for things to get worse. The smoke of bushfire has spread all over the New South Wales and Australia in such a way that it looks like some volcano is flared up. This situation puts the government in such a state, to declare an emergency in November, all over Australia.
Image of Koala sitting on burning burning tree
Koalas caught up in deadly 
Australian Bushfire.  © _freakwave_ from Pixabay 

When it started ?

The Australian bushfire started right from December and dramatically extended the summer season in Australia from December to February. Warning from officials has been announced on 3rd January that "It's going to be a blast furnace" means that the situation is going to be more unpleasant.

The reason behind the bushfire

Australia has its fire season, but what is the reason behind this devastating state?

  • Did the lightning strike or sparking cause this bushfire?
  • Is climate change the reason for this?
  • Or, this was caused intentionally?
There are different debates about the cause of this bushfire. But it's not a hidden truth that Australia always has in a bushfire. It naturally has a fire season, but this time it went far more ahead than expected.
Lightning strikes cause the Australian bushfires or sometimes fortuitously by a spark. Climate change is always been a part of this sudden bushfires. Does it play any role in it? In this year, Australia has faced a natural climate wonder known as the Indian Ocean Dipole has implied a hot, drought the nation over. It's always been a part of scientific discussions that rising levels of CO2 made our planet far more heated than it previously was and is expected to continue doing so. The warmest day temperature recorded this year in Australia was 41.9C, and it was the hottest day ever in the history of Australia
Scientist cautioned a lot that this more sweltering, the drier atmosphere would add to flames turning out to be progressively regular and increasingly severe. These extreme weather conditions and higher temperatures would increase the risk of bushfire and let the fire spread faster one broader scale. 

Location of Bushfire

Where actually are these fires?

  • Is it spread all over Australia?
  • Or, only some specific states are affected by fires?
This bushfire spares no state or territory of Australia. More or less, every part of the country is affected. But the origin of this fire mainly stretches from eastern to the southern coast, most populated areas. Even Sydney and Adelaide are also intensively affected.

Impact and after effects

It comes in everybody's mind that what impact will these fires have on our world, gradually? The very first impact is that these kinds of the blaze are continuously increasing the temperature of the world. It already extended the summer season in Australia, this year. An estimate is that an area about the size of South Korea, approximately 25.5 million acres, has been burned.
Image of landscape after fire
Image of Landscape after fire captured by Terri Sharp from Pixabay 
On the other hand, Steve Robson tweeted, "Back home after a 3 am birth. A smoke so thick and choking it filled the birth suite. What future does this child - born on New Year's Day 2020 - face? Will it be as hellish as it seems in the dark hours this morning?" So right that this is what we are giving or leaving to our young ones. We have our contribution to this situation to any extent.
One other tweet I would like to share here, by Miss Roho, "Whole South Island experiencing bushfire clouds. We can smell the burning here in Christchurch. Thinking of you guys." So, it can be imagined how far bushfire clouds can travel, destroying the Ozone and increasing the CO2 emission. 

Death Ratio

This massive bushfire destruction has its impact on the world's environment, but it also has affected the lives of living beings. It is estimated that around 27 people were declared dead due to this fire event, which includes three volunteer firefighters. Many more are missing. Expected, two thousand homes are destroyed and damaged. 
Not even humans suffer the loss of their lives, around 1 billion mammalsreptiles and birds lost their lives in this eruption. Koalas are so severely affected, feared next to extinction. These bushfires are doing nothing but continuously adding the pressures to Australia's ecosystem. More than 244 spices, those are not found on any other part of the world, lives here. So, these conditions are not only worse for humans but for other living beings too, with whom we share this world. 

Air Pollution Index in 2020

According to Air Pollution Index, the extraordinary smoke and air contamination coming from the flames, in January 2020 reports demonstrated that Canberra estimated the most exceedingly terrible air quality record of any significant city on the planet. Out of control fires produce unsafe smoke which can cause fatalities. Such bushfires produce fine molecule air contamination, which is seriously harmful to our health. Near the flames, smoke is a wellbeing hazard since it contains a mixture of poisonous gases and particles that can aggravate the eyes and the respiratory framework. The impacts of smoke presentation and inward breath run from the eye and respiratory tract aggravation to increasingly genuine issue, including decreased lung work, bronchitis, exacerbated asthma and sudden passing. Introduction to a particulate matter is the primary general wellbeing risk from momentary presentation to out of control fire smoke. As per the World Health Organization, more seasoned individuals, individuals with cardiorespiratory infections or incessant sicknesses, youngsters, and individuals who work outside are especially defenseless.


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