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Amazon rainforest fires: Everything we know and how you can help

We can never deny the importance of the forest. Forest is essential for life as we can never survive without forest from habitat to soil and wood to the food we need forests.
Another name of the Amazon forest can be Amazon jungle or Amazonia, and this is a moist forest that is covering most Amazon Basin of South America.

According to scientists, the Amazon forest is producing about 6 to 9% of the world's oxygen. Amazon forest is said to be Lungs of our planet.
Tons of carbon emissions are absorbed by the Amazon forest every year, and this is obvious that for a better living and best environment, forests play an enormous role.
Sadly on the day Monday, the largest city of Brazil name the Sao Paulo turned into darkness because of the smoke, which prevailed everywhere.
An ongoing fire was destroying the Amazon forest rapidly, and that smoke was coming from the Amazon forest. However, the Amazon forest is thousands of miles away from the central city. The president of the country, Jair Bolsonaro, stated that they don't have sufficient resources to stop or control this rapidly growing Fire. They were facing massive difficulty in overcoming the Fire in Amazonia.
Stellite image of Amazon rainforest showing flares of fire
 Satellite image shows flares coming out of Amzon rainforestImage Source : NASA 

But, here the question comes in everyone's mind is that

  • What was the cause of this Fire in the Amazon forest?
  • Why should we care about this?
  • How can we contribute to prevent it?
We are going to cover these questions briefly in this article.

What was the cause of this Fire in the Amazon forest?

The first and foremost reason behind the Amazon forest fire was

Clearing the land:-

According to the CNN report, both environmentalists and researchers believe that the primary purpose of the Fire was the deforestation by humans
 i.e. Farmers, Loggers ,Cattle ranchers were the reasons behind this human-made disaster. They have set the Fire intentionally and use the slash and burn method for the sake of clearing the land.


Some Bolsanaro has argued and blamed some nonprofit groups that they set Fire to embarrass the government because of cutting their funds recently. However, they have some pieces of evidence to back up this kind of claim.
Another perception is that the reason behind this Fire in the Amazon forest is that it may be linked with Brazil's Reliance on the production of beef this country is famous because of 20% of beef to the world.
Brazil has recorded the highest number of fires since 2013. The vast wildfire was hard to detect, and the estimation of loss was not precise. Then with the help of satellites, the evaluation became possible.  

Climate effect:-

Some people also believe that climate change effect the Amazon forest or Amazonia. This thing is certainly hard to think if there is any connection between climate and the Wild Fire. The atmosphere may make drier or hotter the overall conditions or may cause the Fire even worse than before.
If we talk about right now, how many fires are there? So, the estimation of last week was 9,000 wildfires.
The Executive director of the United Nations Environment Programme recently tweeted that, "The ongoing fires in the Amazon rainforest are a harsh reminder of the environmental crises facing the world."

Even after increasing the protection of environments strictly, in the last decades, a quarter of rain forest has already gone.
This loss is a reminder that we need to pay more attention to save our forest. If we lost our forest with this speed, life survival would become impossible. As we can see that deforestation became very common nowadays, people are cutting trees for several reasons. For the sake of commercial use, wood use, paper use, and much more.
But, we have to stop that and work for healing these destroyed plants and forests, although it is true that the second growth of the plant can never replace the original one, but still, this is the best step we can do for improvement.

How you can help ?

  • Another best way to help is by donating (whatever we can) to the rainforest network's protecting an acre program. 
  • All the funds you give will directly deliver to the organization that has been working for defending the forests.
  • First of all, for the sake of help, we should donate to the Amazon watch. This step will preserve the rainforest as well as local people.
  • Or else you can fund a rainforest project fund which saves native land in Amazon.
  • Eating less beef not going to hurt you. It is believed that increased demand for meat led to this condition of deforestation. Try to add more plant-based food to your diet.
Science has been suggesting that it never too late to save Amazon since Amazonia can replant with a lot of attention and care. After carefully observing water security and climate changes, Brancalion and Chazdon find out 385,000 square miles of restoration hotspot land where restoration of the forest would be cheaper, at lower risk, and very beneficial. 
Moreover, this is our moral duty to save our environment, and there are several ways by which you can keep the environment/forest save and prove yourself as a good citizen.

  • Report if you see anybody cutting trees or plants.
  • Aware people about the side effects of deforestation so that we will not lose more forests like Amazonia.
  • Grow as much plant as possible.


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