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6 Upcoming Eclipse in 2020 : Greatest Solar Eclipse in India

Sun and Moon, what a beautiful and resourceful entities. Even before human creation, they are hanging up there in the sky. Both Sun and Moon remained parts of different cultures and also been worshipped by ancient races.
Blood Moon Eclipse. Eclipse in 2020
Image of Blood Moon Eclipse [ Source Jean van der Meulen from Pixabay ]

  • What is eclipse?
  • What is Solar and Lunar eclipse?
  • 6 Upcoming eclipse of 2020

What is an eclipse ?

We often notice the disappearance of both Sun and moon, for a short period in a year. Scientifically this is called eclipse
The definition of an eclipse is an astronomical object move in front of another one. We usually encounter two types of eclipses, Solar and Lunar eclipses.

Solar Eclipse 

When the moon travels between the Sun and the Earth, a solar eclipse occurs. During solar eclipse the Sun vanishes totally or partially for a period of time.
Geometry of solar eclipse
Geometry of Solar Eclipse   ( Source : Internet )
Solar eclipse can’t be seen all over the Earth, it may be visible only on a small portion of the Earth. A solar eclipse can take place two or three times a year. The last solar eclipse took place on December 26, 2019, and was visible over Asia, Africa, and Australia

Lunar Eclipse

A lunar eclipse occurs when the Earth comes in between the Sun and the moon. While crossing the Earth’s shadow, the moon disappears from the sky. One state of lunar eclipse is “total lunar eclipse,” in which the blotted out moon appears again for a short time, having a reddish-brown color. It happens because of the sunlight which reaches Earth and dissipated back by our climate. It makes the moon reappear during a lunar eclipse for a short time.
Geometry of lunar eclipse
Geometry of Lunar Eclipse    ( Source : Internet )
There are numerous perceptions about the lunar eclipse, as some say that it happens because some of the “heavenly bodies” disappearing in the sky and changing colors. Early in the times, in Eastern Europe, it is believed that the reddish-brown lunar eclipse is the sign of the demons who escapes from the moon. So, they threw rocks at them. But Native Americans had some other perceptions. They believed the moon to be their god. Who communicates with them and transport to them his messages during the lunar eclipses.
So at different times, humans had different perceptions of solar and lunar eclipses. Either true or false, these perceptions were believed back in time.

Eclipse in 2020

  • Only one total eclipse is going to occur in 2020 i.e. Dec 14 .    
  • Greatest eclipse of June 21 solar eclipse is going to occur in India near Uttarakhand.

6 Upcoming eclipse of 2020

Eclipse Type
Local Time Kolkata UTC+5:30
Geographic Region of Eclipse Visibility
Jan 10
Europe, Africa, Asia, Aus.
Jun 05
Europe, Africa, Asia, Aus.
Jun 21
Africa, se Europe, Asia
[Annular: c Africa, s Asia, China, Pacific]
Jul 05
Americas, sw Europe, Africa
Nov 30
Asia, Aus., Pacific, Americas
Dec 14
Total - Solar
Pacific, s S. America, Antarctica
[Total: s Pacific, Chile, Argentina, s Atlantic]


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